Film faced plywood-Russia

Import Finland board for construction with phenolic resin board, more moisture resistance, smooth surface with waterproof special glue used in the laying flooring floor or laying cement template, dismantling the cement template smooth cement surfaceshould use the fine texture of the release agent and uniform coating its surface, to facilitate stripping.
Model : BZX2A-SV

Stripping store should be thoroughly removes residual cement dust panel, and coated with a release agent in a cool ventilated premises, to maintain the quality and improve recyclability.

Import Finland boards of size, are in line with the CNS and domestic public works construction specifications, products also comply with the Bureau of Standards of the Ministry of Economic Affairs manufacturing low formaldehyde standard. The company introduced the Russian SVEZA birch film faced plywood, on both sides, smooth surface, solid density, under normal use and maintenance, doubled the number up to 15 times or more. Other importing countries were: Indonesia. Mainland ..