About KYS

KYS To Bring To You The Best In All Products

Over the years, KYS have obtained abundant experiences form operations with public works and civil materials, which generate mutual profit for us and our customers.

Supporting the concept of  Professionalism and  Integrity . KYS sell products, to comply with requirements from the Company devotes its utmost effort to develop and create excellent products at discounted rates so that finding customers from different fields can be achieved and maximum economic benefits acquired.

KYS Product

2.Formwork accessories 
3.Metal mesh and accessories
4.Plastic and Waterproofing 
6.Joint Sealing 
7.Facilities for public safety maintenance 

etc...,Moreover, we also provide various materials, tools and hardware that cater to many categories and cross over different  work scopes. KYS believe that our growth and space for improvement can only be achieved with your participation and comments. For any requirement, please feel welcome to call and enquire;  KYS will serve with rapid efficiency, Thanks for your support.